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CHADIS Release 9

Baltimore, MD: 13 October 2007 We are pleased to announce a new version of CHADIS with some exciting new features! Some of the most important new features are listed below.

  1. M-CHAT Follow-Up Questions

    There are often disorder-specific templates in Electronic Medical Records. CHADIS is the first system that provides the capacity to use a template which is not only specific to a condition, but also addresses individual issues of a patient/parent. It allows for refinement and immediate re-scoring of questionnaires completed by the parent using clinician input. This CHADIS release provides the first example of this technology in an application for use in early autism detection. The use of the structured follow-up interview process has previously been shown by the M-CHAT autism screening and detection research team (Kleinman, et al, in press, 2007) to reduce the over-referral rate by as much as 85% through follow-up contact by trained clinicians without an electronic aid... This new feature allows both the initial and follow-up screening to be done during the same primary care visit, decreasing both time, anxiety and valuable referral resources.

  2. Customizable visit types.

    In addition to the two prior options for auto-assignment of questionnaires (Well-Child and Developmental-Behavioral visit), CHADIS now allows you to request the creation of customized visit types. You can now best represent your own practice culture with groups of assigned questionnaires you know are most appropriate for your patients and their visit types. Here are samples of some requests we have had in the past: "initial developmental and behavioral visit", "follow-up developmental and behavioral visit", "headache and recurrent abdominal pain visit", and many more.

  3. Improved respondent password reset function.

    We have now made the interface for your staff to reset a respondent's password easier to use.