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Clinical Pearls

Editorials for Clinical Practice

Dr. Barbara Howard, our Co-Director, is a regular contributor to the Behavioral Consult column of Pediatric News. Selected links to the column are placed here for your convenience.

  • Adoption and Its Challenges HTML | PDF
  • Hot Tongue and Other Not-So-Hot Strategies:
    Some popular child rearing strategies that may have adverse effects HTML | PDF
  • ADHD in Young Children HTML | PDF
  • Weighty Problems May Underlie Obesity HTML | PDF
  • Helping Older Parents Cope HTML | PDF
  • Giggling as a Prescription HTML
  • Excuuuuse Me! A Look at Social Faux Pas HTML
  • Mental Retardation Challenges HTML
  • Nourish Healthy View on Breast-Feeding HTML
  • It's Never Too Early for Preemie Behavioral Care HTML
  • Fess Up: Do Some Families Make You Mad? HTML
  • Handling Conflicts in Child-Rearing Styles HTML
  • Twins, Triplets Multiply Behavioral Challenges HTML