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Infant Development Inventory Release Announcement

Dear CHADIS Customer,

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new CHADIS questionnaire, the Infant Development Inventory (IDI). The Infant Development Inventory is the first developmental screening measure available through CHADIS! It is one of the standardized developmental screens recently recommended for use during routine child health supervision, along with the validated early autism screen (M-CHAT; Robins, Fein, Barton & Green, 2001) which is already available through CHADIS (AAP, 2006). As with other CHADIS questionnaires, you will find linked help with management suggestions through our electronic textbook, and appropriate resources.

The Infant Development Inventory is a component of the Child Development Inventory (CDI; Ireton, 2005). Designed to screen for developmental delay in infants and toddlers up to 18 months, the IDI is a parent-report tool assessing development across 5 domains: Social, Self-Help, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, and Language. Questionnaire start-points are automatically determined by the child's corrected age; questionnaire stop-points are automatically initiated after the parent indicates that their child does not yet do three of the behaviors in a given domain. The IDI does not require the parent to test the child, but draws on everyday examples of skills.

Don't forget that you can bill the 96110 code for each administration of this and the other developmental and behavioral tests in CHADIS. You need merely note the results and interpretation (at risk for developmental delay or normal) by printing the CHADIS pages for your chart or saving the clinician worksheet containing the results in your EMR.

You can check out the growing family of pre-visit questionnaires now available through CHADIS on our website (




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