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New to CHADIS?

Child Health and Development Interactive System (CHADIS) - Instructions for Pediatricians and Other Professionals

  1. Purchase a subscription
  2. Review and edit automatic questionnaire assignments
  3. Ask parent to complete questionnaires
  4. View your patient's CHADIS results

Step One: Purchase a Subscription

If you are interested in purchasing a subscription to CHADIS, please call 1-888-4-CHADIS (1-888-424-2347) or send a message to to speak to a sales representative.

Step Two: Review and edit automatic questionnaire assignments.

There are a variety of different questionnaires available although each is appropriate for only certain age groups. When a parent first logs in to CHADIS, s/he will automatically be assigned a set of questionnaires based on the child's age and the type of visit. When you purchase a subscription, your questionnaire assignments are automatically set up for you according to the recommendations of The Center for Promotion of Child Development through Primary Care (see Table of Questionnaires). However, you may edit them by clicking on "view automatic assignments" from the patient search page within CHADIS.

Step Three: Ask parents to complete questionnaires

Once you are a registered user and have determined how you want to use CHADIS in your office, you can start asking parents to complete questionnaires on-line prior to their visit. All they will need is access to the Internet via a browser (Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, etc.) and the instructions.

If you want a parent to complete questionnaires, a member of your staff (designated by you and assigned an id and password by our staff) must either create an invitation to CHADIS for your office which can be used by multiple parents or create a new patient record and associated parent and electronically assign questionnaires to the parent to complete before the visit. See staff instructions for a detailed description of the steps involved in this process.

Once questionnaires have been assigned for the parent to complete, have the parent visit our website,, click on either the "New User?" or "Returning User?" button, and follow the instructions shown there. More detailed instructions for the parent are available online. These instructions can also be printed to give to the parent or mailed, emailed or read over the telephone to the parent.

Step Four: View your patient's CHADIS results

To see a patient's CHADIS results, login to CHADIS with the username and password assigned to you by our team (see Step One). Please note that this username and password are different from the demo username and password. They are for you only, and should not be shared with anyone, even at your own practice or office. This is essential to patient privacy and HIPAA regulations. When you login to the site for the first time, please change your password immediately by clicking on the "preferences" link at the top and following the instructions.

If you need assistance viewing the results, see the demonstration instructions for viewing a patient's results.

Exploring the Resources Database

If you need assistance exploring the resources database independently of a patient's CHADIS results, see the demonstration instructions for exploring the resources database.